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The Rules of AoH

We are the "Ambassadors of Hyrule"; our foundation is friendship, honor, and loyalty to one another. We are a guild of like minded players that strive to maintain the ideas of honor and fair play at all times. We are a Guild of all equals, with many levels, classes and races that come together for two goals: To conquer our enemies, and to have fun with one another.  We shall render assistance to those in need wherever possible and practical.


We are a Family / raiding guild. We are an elite Guild and only those that are a friend of our Guild and/or they have proven they hold the same values, are included in our family. We do not believe in cliques, so if you are invited into our Guild you will be a part of it with us.

We believe we are all equals; AoH strives to confer a close-knit family feeling to our members and anyone treating someone differently than another will violate our code. This can only be maintained by showing proper respect and courtesy within the guild unit. We are all equals and are all responsible for the Guild. We share this responsibility with pride and faith in one another. Because of our standards, our guild may grow slowly, but we will be strong for it in the end.

We refrain from arguments/word wars in open chat channels. Sometimes this is very hard to do, especially when you have some hot heads that have difficulty keeping their mouth shut at times. Just use common sense here folks. We are a guild full of family/ spouses/ significant others (and some children of a member) and friends. We treat each other with respect and we do our best to add to the fun of everyone who is in our family.

WE DO NOT TOLERATE DRAMA. From time to time there can be behavior which can disrupt the enjoyment of the guild such as name calling (intentionally harmful rather then playful), rudeness, verbal abuse, loot bickering, etc. This behavior can affect the enjoyment and outright ruin a person's day to the point of logging off, even for those that are not directly involved in the argument. We have had this happen from time to time but it is very rare. Officers will ask you to remove this disruptive behavior out of guild chat/ raid chat/ ooc or different channels. It is a rare thing when it happens, and the officers will try to intervene and assist in trying to de-escalate a situation rather then make it worse. Officers are here to help so lean on them when it's needed.

Those who do actions that are UN "AoH" like will be warned by officers then if it happens to continue then they will be asked to leave and/or be removed from the guild.

Our guild while being one of the oldest on the server has and always will strive for honor and doing the honorable thing. Your behavior with our guild tag over your head means more to us as a guild than you realize. Your behavior is expected to be honorable and to protect our guild name. Guild removal for repeatedly bad behavior has happened and will continue to happen if needed.

Defamation of the guild name or any other guild name will not be accepted. If you do not like something that is going on in the guild take it up with the person involved or take it to an officer of our guild or the other guild.

BEGGING IS NOT TOLERATED HERE. If you need help with getting something ask, but DO NOT repeatedly ask for items, loot, gold etc. We as a guild have all played our characters to the lvl's they are and have worked very hard to get what we have. We are not here to work for stuff to just pass to you because you are new


We are all members of the"Ambassadors of Hyrule", any member can plan a raid, and you have rules to follow if you plan on leading a raid, so before you plan one you need to make sure you know the rules well for the guild.

However if you lead a raid you may get unsolicited advice because someone is knowledgeable about a instance, or is looking after you and the guild (if this kind of thing would hurt your feelings then this is not a place for you because we leave our ego's in RL and try to learn from one another). We are a very tight-knit family and will probably be hunting with each other just about every day/night anyway in some fashion, and everyone will be free to come if level permits.

We can never guarantee that we can kill uber mob-003. We can never force people being present and we can never- ever- recruit sufficient forces to guarantee a mob will fall.

The Ambassadors of Hyrule does not have any activity requirement, there are no minimum number of hours or minimum number of raids per week, but if you are online we would like for you to come help.

Yes, the Ambassadors of Hyrule raids. We are a volunteer organization. We ask you to sign up for events listed on the Calendar if you wish to come. We hold three raids during the week in which those who sign up need to show up. However, we know RL can raise it's ugly head and will understand if you're going to be late or can not make the raid. Please notify an officer before hand. Nobody is ever required to attend any event that is happening, scheduled or called out. Unlike other guilds that require a fulltime commitment on the part of the player we have designed a system where peeps can play in the style that best fits their needs.

Right now we are NBG on loot, but we are looking into making a change here. If you do not win a roll or item, etc DO NOT GET MAD, if you are not the type of person that will congratulate a friend, instead of complaining about it, we don't want you. There are some exceptions to the NBG rule in certain areas (I.E.: tier pieces, patterns, etc)

When we raid we raid as a guild. That doesn't mean we wait for you to finish PvP'n while the rest of the raid waits for you. You will be ready and on time. Your guild members are counting on you to help the raid happen.

YOU are required to bring certain things to raids.

- Reagent items for rebuffing(if you have them)
- Your own resist gear
- Appropriate behavior for those that just don't seem to get it.
- Food, water, components if needed
- Sense of humor and determination. We have and will go at certain Mobs until we get a victory. We learn by failure but we OVERCOME!


The MEMBER will handle their own gear, if you need upgrades it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to research the item and let us know what needs to be done. It is not the officer's job to research your gear; if you want it then you do the work.

If you do not help others DO NOT expect them to come help you. If you feel you are being ignored then I would recommend you sit back and see what you have done to help others.

Applying to Ambassadors of Hyrule

We are recruiting all the time. This does not mean you will be accepted just by placing an
application. Everyone (class or level) is welcome to complete an application to the guild.
Sometimes it will take a few days for your application to be reviewed by all the officers so be patient. If you have not been contacted in about 4 days you may send a tell to any of our officers to find out the status of your application.
All rules and policies are subject to change without prior notice. Should changes occur, the membership shall be notified as soon as possible. These rules and policies are intended as a guideline o­nly for conduct within the Guild. The Council of Officers will handle specific issues on a case-by-case basis.

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